How can the serial production of jewellery components be optimised?


In the serial production of jewellery components, it is worthwhile to review and optimise the process chain from time to time because the jewellery production sector has seen great technological advancements in recent years, and you can certainly benefit from doing so.

Do you produce jewellery or watches in series in your own company, or do you purchase the jewellery components from external suppliers? Read on to find out more about how you could benefit from an optimised process chain.

Jewellery components: Streamlining the process chain

Regardless of whether it is done by a supplier or in your own company, the process chain in the production of jewellery components containing precious metals usually proceeds as follows:

Semi-finished products are purchased; components are manufactured, e.g., in CNC, and the residual quantities of precious metal are returned for recycling. Above a certain number of pieces, however, it is worthwhile to rethink this process chain.

C.HAFNER can optimise this process by taking over these steps for you, meaning you order finished jewellery parts from us, and we become responsible for the complete production. As a result, you economise the production process listed as well as the precious metal costs for the remaining quantities of the semi-finished product.

Simplified financing of precious metal for jewellery components   

When purchasing semi-finished products, there is no need to return residual metal for recycling, which means the financing costs are correspondingly lower because we return the precious metal from the production waste directly back into the material cycle in our own recycling plant. This means that you only finance the precious metal that is actually contained in the jewellery components.

From the concept to the realisation of finished jewellery components

Thanks to technological advancement, as well as the development of additive manufacturing in precious metal, the question of whether a piece of jewellery can be mass-produced at all is no longer in the foreground. This is because technology has made the most diverse designs possible – regardless of the type of manufacturing. As with any industrial manufacturing process, however, productivity increases with larger quantities.

With state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, we can manufacture a wide variety of components. Furthermore, we are increasingly focusing on additive manufacturing in precious metals, which brings decisive advantages such as design freedom and weight savings. Read more about this in our article „3D printing: the most important advantages“.

Material production and finishing from a single source

In addition to the design, material choice is a decisive factor in the series production of real jewellery. Whether you desire a certain colour for the piece of jewellery or need a metal with certain properties, as a gold and silver refinery, we offer a high level of expertise in materials science. So, before the jewellery components are produced, you will receive expert advice on your choice of precious metal alloy.

From classic gold alloys to platinum-iridium, the variety of precious metals is vast, so if you’d like to know more, we advise you to read the following article on component production in platinum-iridium: Additive manufacturing in platinum-iridium.  

The primary advantage of this change in the process chain is that the complete process is centralised from one source, and our specialists are there to advise you through every step of the jewellery component process, from concept to completion.

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