Fine Precious Metal Powder For Powder Metallurgical Processes

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Fine spherical precious metal powders are the basic prerequisite for innovative manufacturing processes such as additive manufacturing („3D printing“) or metal injection molding (MIM) as well as a wide variety of applications.

In particular, additive manufacturing opens up new design and manufacturing possibilities for jewelry designers and the industry:

• novel geometries create maximum design freedom

• The near-net-shape production of the workpieces and the high rate of recycling of the powder guarantee reduced material consumption

• Automated, scalable processes are a prerequisite for industrial mass production

Suitable powders of high purity, high sphericity, and particle sizes in the micrometer range are usually prepared by atomizing melts using inert gas.

Particularly for users of platinum, additive manufacturing with platinum powder opens up economically attractive possibilities for processing. It has been shown that platinum can be used more efficiently in the form of powder. Common disadvantages, such as high alloy costs and high input quantity, are far lower in additive manufacturing and, thus, enable an almost „unlimited“ use of platinum powder.

Production of precious metal powders at C.HAFNER

C.HAFNER’s powder technology has state-of-the-art and accurate equipment for the production of precious metal powders. The systems enable the production of silver powder, gold powder, palladium powder and platinum powder in defined classifications. At the core of the technology is an atomizing unit with inert gas and an air classifier, which separates the particles according to their centrifugal force. This interaction of atomization and classification through winnowing or sieving ensures a high yield from the production process and, thus, lower precious metal costs.

In order to guarantee a constant quality of precious metal powder products, the powder technology is embedded in a precious metal-oriented infrastructure. This perimeter ensures all the usual advantages of know-how and services around the topic of precious metals – a basic prerequisite for the highest demands on precious metal powder and a unique selling point of C.HAFNER.


• atomization of silver, gold, palladium and platinum alloys up to 2,300 ° C

• fine powder particles (about 1 – 100 ?m)

• spherical powder particles

• high purity

• excellent flowability

• robust powder and easy handling

• minimum oxygen and moisture absorption during processing

 • high reusability

Precious metal powders portfolio

The portfolio includes numerous materials for jewelry, watches, technical and medical applications. In addition to the classic alloys in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and rose, there are excellent alloys such as PlatinGold® and PalladinRoyal®. Furthermore, custom alloys such as platinum powder with Ru, Co or CuGa can also be produced on request.

All powders are produced and processed on the basis of decades of experience. The combination of classification by means of winnowing with powder-specific analysis ensures ease of use and exceptional usability depending on the requirements of the respective processing methods. Thus, the powders intended for additive manufacturing have the highest possible degree of flowability. Find out more about precious metal powder technology and applications at

The benefits: 

• the alloy PlatinGold,

• the quality factor of the particle size distribution and

• the endless possibilities of additive manufacturing

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